Fellow Information

The ASSET Fellow category is designed to distinguish members that have fully committed themselves to moving the society forward from a service, research, and/or an educational standpoint. According to Section 8 of the ASSET Bylaws, the qualifications and rights of an ASSET Fellow are as follows:

  1. Qualifications:
    a. Minimum of ten (10) years as an active member.
    b. Minimum of five (5) years of organizational service on committees or boards.
    c. Minimum of seventy (70%) percent annual meeting attendance averaged over a ten (10) year period.
    d. Minimum of fifty (50%) percent presentation during annual meetings averaged over the same ten (10) year period.
    e. Provide a letter of recommendation from both an ASSET member and ASES member.
  2. Rights and Duties:
    a. May vote, hold elected office and participate on and chair committees.
    b. May attend and are encouraged to contribute to all business, scientific and social functions of ASSET.
    c. Maintain up to date contact information in the ASSET office.
  3. Criteria to maintain Fellow status:
    a. Once Fellow requirements are fulfilled the member must maintain Active or Senior Member status to also maintain Fellow status.
    b. Members who do not meet criteria to maintain Active membership shall be dropped from the membership and therefore their Fellow status will also be removed unless the absence is excused by the Board.

Interested in becoming an ASSET Fellow? Download the Fellow Application.
Please note, the deadline for a completed Fellow application, including submission of the letters of recommendation, is due 2 months before the Annual Meeting in order to be recognized at that year's meeting.