ASSET Membership Information


Subscription to the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (option to defer)
Participation in ASSET Annual Meeting
Networking and education from American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
ASSET member fellowship
Clinical and managerial mentorship from ASSET members
Discounted continuing education programming
Bi-Annual newsletter


ASSET members are required to attend and present at an Annual Meeting within the first 3 years of joining ASSET. Following this, members may select one of two routes to maintain membership: attend and present at an ASSET Annual Meeting at least once every 3 years, OR attend and present at an ASSET Annual Meeting at least once every 5 years AND provide service for at least 2 years on an ASSET committee. The focused nature of our group relies on members who volunteer their time and resources on special projects, Board service, and through committee participation. Without this member involvement, we would be unable to remain a leading international resource for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation.


$25.00 application fee (non-refundable)
Signed application form
Statement of interest
Current curriculum vitae or resume
Copy of license or diploma
Letter of recommendation from an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, or Athletic Trainer
Letter of recommendation from a licensed physician


Interested in becoming a member? To apply by mail, complete and mail in the application form. To apply online, complete the online application form.

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